When to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

A motor vehicle accident is usually the last thing you expect to be dealing with when heading to work, on a road trip or a quick trip to the shops.  So when the worst happens you are often unprepared for the fallout – especially if this is your first accident, navigating through the paperwork when you are needing to recover from your injuries then gets thrown in the too hard basket.  In some cases, minor injuries can be treated quickly and downtime is kept to a minimum. On the other hand, injuries caused by car accidents can be quite significant taking months to recover from and a lot of time off of work that you weren’t expecting. You may find the costs amounting with treatment and day to day bills while not being able to work. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the situation, but help is around the corner. Contact Trewin Norman, the best personal injury lawyers in Perth to deal your case. Here we have mentioned the situations to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Serious Injuries

It is not necessary to hire a lawyer for all the injuries. If you have only minor injuries and have enough time to look after the legal and insurance claims procedures, you can do it on your own. However, hiring a personal injury lawyer in Perth is important for the person who is suffering from severe injuries that have pain that lasts for few days and needs medical care. If your injury needs hospitalization, surgery, etc. then you likely need to get the help of an experienced lawyer to deal your case. By having good legal representation, you can increase the value of your claim that involves substantial past and future medical expenses.

Injury Caused By the Opposite Party

It is important to consult a personal injury attorney when the injury is caused by the opposite party’s negligence. Proving legal fault requires the application of certain standards to the evidence. By consulting a lawyer as early as possible, you can gather and preserve the essential evidence for the case.

Contact the Insurance Company

Often the insurance companies employ representatives to reduce their loss. To minimize their loss, the company will reduce the amount that they pay as the injury claim. If any of the insurance company representative contacts you and ask your medical records, recorded statements, and other information then you need to tell them that you are contacting a personal injury lawyer to deal the claims. The representatives often try to make you sign the statement that may harm your claim. So statement should be reviewed by your lawyer before you sign it.

Low Claim Amount

If the insurance company plays dirty tricks to avoid paying the right claim amount, then you need to contact your lawyer. Their tactics include delaying the claim process, making unreasonably low offers despite your extensive injuries, etc. Your personal injury lawyer understands these tactics and helps you to get the right claim.

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