Understanding accident induced chronic pain

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Understanding Chronic Pain:

Pain is a very personal subject whether acute or chronic, pain is the result and cause of our anxiety and emotional stress. Any pain that lasts for more than 12 weeks is often medically termed as chronic pain. While acute pain is the primarily a signal of any physical injury, chronic pain may arise from any initial injury but may induce other health problems like fatigue, decreases appetite, sleep disorders and many more.  Chronic pain may also be due to trauma, physical stress or even emotional stress.

Trauma and Chronic Pain:

The pain that originates from injuries due to an accident is quite traumatic. This pain hinders their normal functioning and searches for relief can lead to another problem like addiction to painkillers.

Several physical disabilities are often associated with this type of condition, The patient can debilitate from normal gait which may even compound to emotional stress, depression, and anxiety.

Effects of Trauma on Human Body:

Traumatic conditions can weaken your muscles which otherwise leads to chronic muscular pain and is the result of psychosomatic symptoms too.

Research have also explained that approx 15-30% of patient with chronic pain are the ones who have suffered traumatic accidents. A typical trauma symptom also includes psychological symptoms such as numbness, nightmares, flashbacks and many more. During an accident, the nervous system enters the survival mode but face difficulty in recovering back to normal and relaxed mode again.

In survival mode, the stress hormones like cortisol are constantly released raising blood pressure, glucose levels in blood and weakening of the immune system. Trauma can also trigger bad old memories of past injuries further exacerbating the effects of new trauma.

Pain is a sign of unresolved trauma:

Unresolved pain is also a sign of unresolved trauma in the nervous system.

Even if the emotional impact has been reduced, the nervous system may not be recovered.

Handling traumatic chronic pain:

A combination of psychotherapy and physical therapy is the ideal pain management option to handle stress and chronic pain. If you met with an accident and you suffer injuries there are many issues in these circumstances to handle like car insurance and claims. So, we strongly advise you to hire a car accident lawyer in your area to take care of your problems.

Choose Yegendorf and Associates:

In the case of car accidents lawyer Toronto, choose our car accident lawyers in Toronto to tackle not only your entitled claim so that you can focus entirely on your physical injury and emotional stress treatment.  Our car accident lawyers understand not only the legal issues attached to your accident but also understand the healthcare system of Canada.


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