Top 5 things to remember when applying for a spouse UK Visa

At times, most people find the UK Immigration laws more complex and hard to keep track of the more frequent changes. The Home Office has made it their duty to list all the relevant changes on their website. By engaging professionals to prepare your spouse UK visa application, you be increasing the chances of success, avoiding delays and saving on the costs. If the Spouse Visa application is successful, you will have saved the application fee and any other cost. You will also have saved most of your useful time. Here are the five things to remember during the application.

  • Understand the available types of spouse visas in the UK

Currently, the available types of spouse visas stand at three. They include the family visa for individuals ready to join their relatives in Britain, marriage visitor visa for individuals ready to marry someone in the UK and the Tier 2 General visa for dependents of individuals currently working in the UK. The application processes are similar. However, due to the important differences, you have to understand your visa category before you start the application process.

  • Obtaining the family visa

If you are ready to join your British spouse, you should fulfil all the requirements for the family visa application. First, you have to prove your ability to speak English, and then prove that you will support yourself financially when in the UK. In other words, when combined, your salary and that of your spouse should be above £18,600 per year or over £22,400 if you already have children.

For the family visa application to be successful, you will need several documents to support the points. You will need documents to provide as proof of English speaking ability, proof of salary, and as proof of relationship. Moreover, you will have to pay £1,464 as the application fee.

The visa is important for people who want to study and work in the United Kingdom. After sometime, you will be able to claim the indefinite leave to stay. That is all you require to start living in the UK without the need of a visa. Family visas can only last for 33 months – you might need to extend yours.

  • Know what you need to apply for the marriage visitor visa

If you only want to live in the United Kingdom for only six months or less, the marriage visitor visa is a better alternative. The eligibility criterion for marriage visitor visas is not as complicated as that of other types of visas. The most important part involves proofing that your relationship or marriage is genuine. You have to proof that you can support yourself when staying in the country and you already have plans to leave the country within six months.

To obtain your marriage visitor visa, you will need some documents to support your eligibility. Therefore, your will need the proof of salary, and the proof of relationship. Moreover, you will have to pay the £87 application fee. After paying the fee, you are more likely to get the visa within a few days. The application process takes roughly 15 days.

  • What you need to apply for the tier General visa

If you are an expat working in the United Kingdom, at times you will need your family to join you. That is the primary reason you might need to add dependant visa to the working visa. In other words, people working in the country under the Tier 2 General Visa can sponsor their dependents for the same visa.

To proof your eligibility, you have to provide a few things. They include the proof `that every dependent has over £630 to live on and they have already paid off a healthcare surcharge – one that entitles them to use National Health Service. They will also need biometric details as proof of relationship. People outside the UK have to pay £587 as the application fee and those wishing to extend the visa when living in the UK have to pay £1,267.

  • Apply for the right visa

Most people believe that the British Visa application system is tedious and complex. To avoid the unpleasant surprises, do not apply for any visa – you have to apply for the right one. Also, you have to provide the right documents as support for the application.

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