The 2018 Hurricane Season

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Few things in nature are as intimidating and monolithic as the swirling mass of wind and water that makes up a hurricane. Between the raw destructive capability and the need for an insurance claim lawyer to deal with companies focused on greed in the face of a disaster, hurricanes tear apart lives and land. It’s important for every Floridian to take the time to read the year’s hurricane predictions and be ready to make enduring a hurricane as manageable as possible.

Expectations for 2018 Hurricane Activity

With hurricane counts growing higher year over year, a subtropical storm forming and killing two journalists in North Carolina before the season even started, and early predictions for a heavy season with 5 to 9 official hurricanes, Floridians have been getting ready for another year of potential disaster. New predictions a couple months in are now predicting fewer hurricanes than normal with just one that ventures to Category 3 or beyond. Just one major hurricane is enough to cause serious damage, but the lower overall threat is welcome news for the Florida panhandle. As with any weather prediction, there is always a chance that things do not go as expected.

Protecting Yourself from the Storms

No amount of hurricane-proofing is enough to make your home a safe location during a tropical storm or a hurricane. Even a weaker tropical storm will feature winds gusting at 40 miles per hour or higher, enough to fling concrete bricks, knock over trees, and cause other destruction that is absolutely capable of inflicting mortal harm on a person, as seen in this footage from the 2017 landfall of Tropical Storm Cindy. While you can take steps to minimize the damage a hurricane does to your house, such as putting boards on your windows and doors, the only way to truly protect yourself from a hurricane is to frequently check the weather and have a plan to evacuate the area if a storm is expected to make landfall anywhere near where you live.

What to Do if a Hurricane Hits Your Home

Once a hurricane has decided to take a path that leads to your house, there is little that you can do other than to get out of the way until you can come back and check how much damage was done. You may be lucky and suffer only minor damage, or your home and everything in it could be wiped away like a speck of dust. No matter what the level of damage is, the next step is to consult with your insurance claim lawyer to get you the payment that you deserve and need so you can get back to living your life.

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