Must you Place your Labor Law Poster in a Specific Place?

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You are in the right place if your aim is to get answer to the above question.

One of the labor regulations you must follow as a start-up or experienced businessman or woman is to provide for your business, labor law posters which is mandated by the State and Federal Government. However, the posters are not mandatory on a sole proprietor without employee, businesses based only on contract, business maintained with voluntary workers and family-owned business. That is, so far you have at least an employee; it is a must you get one.

However, getting one is not the main issue but knowing where to place or hang it in order to follow the regulations. The regulations requested that it must be placed in a conspicuous area that your employee patronizes regularly. It would have been nice if the consequences of failure to do that is devoid of penalties, fines and lawsuits from both the Federal and State Government.

Also, the posters are expected to place where job applicants can see and probably read them and not only employees. When you post labor law posters, you are performing your responsibilities by informing your employees about their rights.

So, yes, you must place your labor law poster in a specific place, which of course is the common place that your employees frequently visit. Conspicuous places like

  • Lunch Room
  • Break Room
  • Conference Room
  • Employee Lounge
  • Kitchen, probably close to the wall clock
  • And any other location your employees do visit.

However, you should consider the following scenarios in order to know where you should place your labor law poster within your working area:

  • You should hang your posters in break rooms for each Department and not just at the main break room if your workforce is spread throughout several departments.
  • If some of your employees only understand Spanish, then you must provide an equivalent of the posters in Spanish too.
  • Individual or separate copies of the poster must be provided for employees who work off site or home-based employees.
  • In addition to the location, many of the bodies providing the regulations require that a specific size font of the poster must be produced. For example, the OSHA Job Safety and Health requires an official poster of 12.5” ×17.5” portrait presentation.

Apart from the above mentioned regulations, there are still a lot of them to be fulfilled in order to follow the regulations judiciously. Moving up and down in order to ensure this will eat up most of your time, thereby depriving your business of your previous time. Then, why don’t you seek the services of experts?

Labor Law Compliance Center provides multilingual labor posters for employers. With A+ rating, LLCC will provide for you the best services in the labor law poster compliance Industry. In addition, their experts also offer Labor Replacement Program which help in replacing labor law posters whenever the Federal or State offers mandatory changes.

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