Information on Michigan Laws Covering Other Personal Injury Situations

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The Law Firm of Elia and Ponto file lawsuit for those people who have been injured in some matter especially auto accidents. But there are others.

Dog Bites

The law for dog bites in Michigan is clear. The owners as well a keeper of dogs in Michigan are liable for dog attacks and bites. This means that any victim of bites from a dog, don’t have to have any proof proving that the keeper or owner of the dog were careless, only that they were attacked and/or bitten. If the victim didn’t in some illegal way cause the dog to be attacked, the owner or the keeper of the dog is liable legally.

Victim of dog attack or bite

Of if you are a victim of a dog attack or bite, you can recover damages for pain and suffering, disfigurement as a scarring result, or an infection caused second to the bite as well as emotional distress. Any victim of a dog attack or bite in Michigan has 3 years from the date of the incident to take any legal action against the proper keeper and owner of the dog, or their claim will be barred forever.

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Premises Liability

The law in Michigan is evolving constantly in this expanse of the laws on personal injury. But, what remains is that the possessor or owner of property has a certain duty to make their property safe to anyone allowed on its properties. When there is a failure of the possessor or owner to either warn of condition that may be dangerous, or to remedy that dangerous condition, makes the possessor or owner of the property liable under the laws of Michigan. But, there are numerous defences offered to property owners that can lead to many of these claims being denied. If you were hurt due to a slip and fall, or another condition that was dangerous on another’s property, contact the Law Firm of Elia & Ponto and let them help you.

Causes of injuries

Several common causes of injuries on other’s property arise out of slip and falls. Generally, most victims fall because of snow and ice, “black ice”, and liquid(s) on the floor.  But, there are plenty of other such as defective walkways, merchandise falling, inadequate/poor lighting and fires. If you have become a victim of any of these conditions, call the Law Office of Elia and Ponto.


These are much like auto accidents, commercial or semi-truck vehicle accidents are also too frequently happening in Michigan. So the Best Detroit Michigan Car Accident Lawyer Near By 2018 Firm of Elia and Ponto also handle commercial or semi-truck vehicles. The individual can sustain serious injuries in these types of accidents. These are accidents that usually result in complex litigation as victims usually effect a person’s abilities to regain the full enjoyments of life that they previously experienced. To protect your rights, you need a law firm that is experienced in handling these types of matters.  Almost from the minutes these losses happen, many large companies attempt to hide or to destroy important evidence. The law Firm of Elia and Ponto are aware of the legal intricacies of these claims.

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