How To Create A Fool-Proof Residential Lease Agreement That Cannot Be Breached By tenants

No matter how well you research on the background of your tenants, you can never be sure of human nature and how and when the odds of the unpredictability can play up against your interest. Missing, furniture, cleverly covered-up damages, accumulating unpaid bills etc are only a few among the innumerable misdemeanors that have been committed by rouge tenants over the years. Therefore, as a landlord, it is imperative that you create a strong lease agreement that cannot be breached by the latter in any way whatsoever.

Here is a very quick and simple guide that can help you in this direction…

Brush up on the tenancy laws applicable in your state

Tenancy laws may differ from state to state that may render some of the terms and conditions for renting your property under certain conditions, valid or invalid. If you rent out your property under invalid conditions, the law may not be on your side if there is any breach in the contract committed by the tenants.

Acquire proper standard residential lease agreement forms

You need to have proper rental lease agreement forms for the contract to be valid. Verbal terms and conditions or those written in any ordinary sheet of paper may not be enforceable in the courts of law when required.

Never miss out on core terms and conditions as far as property usage is considered

It does not matter how lengthy your agreement gets. If it matters to you, you have to pen it down in the contract. Everything from how much rent and deposit the tenants need to pay how and when, to describing usage of the property, payment of bills, pet policies, subletting policies and even eviction clauses should be mentioned in details on your standard residential lease agreement form.

Read out the agreement to your tenant preferably in the presence of lawyers

Lastly, always read out the agreement to your tenants. This leaves no room for deliberate misconduct or owning up to the same if breach has been made. You may download rental agreement Ohio or free lease agreement Florida from this legal forms website.


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