How a Private Investigator Can Help in Judgement Recovery

Judgement recovery process involves collecting money from debtor by court. Judgement recovery process is very complex and debtors often refuse to pay the damages. In most of the cases the creditor will try to hide their assets and accounts to refuse to pay the Creditor. They might also disappear to avoid the paying the judgement. In such case a private investigator can help you find the hidden assets and accounts details. The Judgement Recovery Investigations involves procedures like

  • Asset Search
  • Skip tracking
  • Financial Checks
  • Background Checks
  • Employment Checks
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Missing Person Investigation
  • Fugitive Recovery
  • Surveillance etc.

Creditors are issued with writ of execution, to collect the payment from debtor. What is writ of Execution? When you get a Judgement Enforcement by judicial order, it is considered as writ of execution and the court will order a sheriff to take the possession of asset or a property by the Debtor, so that you get money. The assets are sold at the sheriff’s se and the amount of money is used to pay off the debt of the debtor.

When you get a judgement from the court, it doesn’t mean the court is going to collect a debt for you. It means you have got official legal backup and you have to collect your debt further. Due to this 80% of all the debt judgement is not paid. In case you need to renew the judgement and you can only renew the judgement after ten years. Your judgement can collect interest but the more you wait, the difficult will be the process.

What is the debtor refuses to pay?

Debtor will refuse to pay or minimize the amount. Debtor is required to pay you and the only case when they will not require paying is but if they appeal to court that they don’t have enough funds to pay. They try to hide their assets and details of bank account, however you can hire a private investigator to know their personal details and prove them wrong. Private investigators are skilled to perform Investigation and help you get hidden information about the required entity or individual, so that you can take required action to recover your money.

What assets does a private investigator look for?

Private investigator can uncover the details of following things to convince the debtor to pay their debt.

  • Bank Accounts.
  • Wages.
  • Business Income/Equipment.
  • Income from Third Parties.
  • Rental Income
  • RVs, Boats, Motorcycles.
  • Security Deposits.
  • Stocks and Bonds.
  • Real estate.

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