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If one of the spouses applies physical, psychological, spiritual, economic or sexual violence – you are entitled to urgently request the issue of a protection order for self and minor children.Also, in the divorce process, it is recommended to establish a maintenance pension for the minor child that can be set in a fixed amount or a percentage of the income of the spouse, depending on the child’s best interest.

The fees to be paid are symbolic but rising for repeated divorces.

In the case of marriage to the marital status, the marriage shall cease from the date of divorce registration, and in the case of divorce marriage by court – from the day when the decision of the court has remained final, i.e. more than 30 calendar days after its issuance and pronouncement.

Before initiating a divorce process, be sure to:

The decision taken is not a precipitated moment.

A hasty decision, without having a reasonable basis, can cause significant damage to both spouses. Even if divorce law provides for the need to verify the existence of real and well-founded reasons for divorce, by giving the persons involved sufficient time to divorce, many couples who have come to court in such trials prefer to complete the trial although they have doubts about the merits of the reasons behind the decision to divorce:

  • The decision to divorce is not taken by third parties.
  • Divorce must essentially be the result of a decision on your own destiny. You have to leave the premise that you first know the situation best.
  • You have made all the arrangements for an amicable divorce.

Even if you find that divorce is the only way to remove a difficult situation you are in, try to get through this process in the most amiable way, avoiding any confrontation. In most cases, some minor compromises, established by both parties, bring the most important gains in terms of emotion, cost and timing. From divorce solicitors this is a very important matter.

The First Options

First of all, let me express my regret at the present state of the marital relationship in which you are involved and which for various reasons is no longer working, no longer brings happiness into your life, or yours can no longer continue. Our training and experience have taught us to treat these situations with skill and tact, to understand that our role as divorce lawyers is not limited to legal-legal representation but includes moral help, advice, a positive attitude towards of the future and the reduction / elimination or successful management of stress. There are moments when the most sensible thing we can do is to stop, to end a relationship or a non-functional marriage, protecting not only our psychic and / or material well-being, but also that of children. This step, of divorce, though tiring and bullying, may be the beginning of a particularly beautiful time in your life.

Under the Civil Code in force, marriage is a freely consented union between a man and a woman for the purpose of establishing a family. It is a life union that can only end in the ways prescribed by the law, namely by the death of one of the spouses (or the declaration of the death of the judge) or by the divorce of the marriage, according to the law.

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