Difference Between Brand Name And Trademark

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A brand or brand name can also be called as a trademark. Everybody knows the importance of a brand name or trademark. There are people and business persons who get confused when we talk about brand name or trademark. But Trademark can be anything which is genuine and in Association with the services and product. Symbol, name, slogan, word and any other device or services which are the remark of identity and also at the same time are distinguishable from the business, or the products which are already in the market can be a trademark.


A Trademark is really important to create an identity for a brand. All the customers and audience can easily reach out to a particular brand with the help of its trademark. At the same time, Trademark is important for your business because it makes your business distinguishable from other similar service providers and products available in the market. Let us discuss the importance of Trademark in business and also about the different categories which come under trademark and rules.


The distinctive categories of Trademark include descriptive, fanciful, suggestive and generic. The arbitrary and suggestive categories are basically considered to be distinctive inherently.  The eligibility of these two distinct categories is determined by the body who go for the registration at the very first time.

The Geographic terms, personal names, and the descriptive marks should be having and secondary meaning in the mind of an individual who consumes just for the approval to be granted. For terms which are considered generic, there is no trademark.

It is really a good idea to register your business name with your trademark. Although it is not important to have your Trademark registered if you have your own Trademark, then it gets easy for you to market your brand name and also it is easy for customers to distinguish you from the other service provides.

Get your trademark registered

One can get the registration process done easily. There are many online service providers available who can let you know about the registration services and fee. There are also websites which tell about the Greece trademark registration and also other services and registration related details online. The registration may take time and money, but it is definitely a positive thing which is beneficial for a business.

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