Considerations When Choosing a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Ottawa

There are things in life that should be left to experts. If you have been charged with a crime, for example, it is important to hire a criminal defence lawyer to fight for you. Being convicted can ruin your life, so you have to be careful to choose the best defence lawyer in Ottawa for your case. There are many defence lawyers out there, but not all are suitable for your case. It is advisable to carry out some research and compare a few lawyers to get the best. This article gives you some things you should consider when choosing a criminal defence law firm or lawyer.

Years of Experience

The courtroom is a serious place where all the rules have to be followed. It is a place of honour, seeking to uphold integrity as well as justice for all. For a lawyer to be good at their work, they need to have been in practice for several years. You will be confident knowing that you have an experienced defence lawyer in Ottawa by your side. Find out how long a potential lawyer has been in practice and choose those with at least five years of experience. Such a lawyer will be able to develop a strong defence for you.


Choose a criminal defence law firm with lawyers specializing in the area of law you have a problem with. Remember that all experience is not the same when it comes to law. A lawyer might have been in practice for over ten years, but they will not be good for your case if they have not handled similar cases in the past. For example, a lawyer who has been practicing family law for many years might not be suitable for your criminal case. Ensure that the lawyer you settle for specializes in the specific area of law you are interested in.

Competence is Key

Law is a very sensitive subject and not everyone can handle it successfully. A morally upright and competent defence attorney is priceless and hard to find. Ensure that your chosen defence lawyer in Ottawa is thoroughly informed. Professional defence lawyers will be informed on the latest developments in criminal law. Such lawyers exude high levels of competence without straining. Ensure that the lawyer you hire for your case is competent to get the best possible outcome.


A criminal defence law firm is only as good as its reputation. A good reputation takes years to build. Talk to your family and friends and ask them what they think about a law firm or lawyer you are considering for your criminal case. If these people have good things to say about the lawyer, then you are on the right track. You can also read client reviews online to know more about a potential lawyer’s reputation. Read as many reviews as possible and choose a criminal defence law firm or lawyer with many positive reviews.

Choosing a defence lawyer in Ottawa should not be taken lightly. Conduct extensive research and compare different lawyers to get the best for your case.

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