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An adult is anyone above the age of 18. Just because your child is all grown up now doesn’t mean you have the rights to hit him if he does something wrong. No matter what he has done, you have absolutely no rights to beat him brutally. On the other hand, you also have no rights to hit your parents. It is a major offense not only in the eyes of the court of law, but also in the eyes of the court of the Gods and Goddesses above. You have absolutely no rights to hit another living being.

But does abusing mean hitting only? Nope – it not only includes physical abuse, but mental and emotional abuse as well. If you constantly nag someone, verbally abuse him, emotionally torture him or blackmail him to do something by threatening him, you are held guilty at the court. Nothing can save you from being behind the bars and compensate for all those years you have traumatized the adult individual.

The worst thing about adult abuse cases is that people don’t even come forward to talk about it. Despite being 18 and above, a few individuals are way too scared of the threatening they receive. Also, let’s not forget that the parents who are being physically abused are very worried about their reputation, as well as the reputation of their children who, often, are the ones that hit them after a certain age. A lot of cases have been brought forward by friends of elderly individuals. Thus, their lives have been saved.

When you meet Barr & Young Attorneys, you notice that they have enough empathy in their eyes for all those adults who have been through traumatizing abusive times. Experienced attorneys have resolved many such cases and situations in the past and thus, they know how to make the adults speak in the court, even if they are reluctant to do so at first. With their help, a lot of adults are living a stress and abuse free lives because they have finally got justice for themselves.

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