A Few Steps To Follow When You Are Injured At A Fast-Food Restaurant

Beside the department stores or shopping malls, sometimes people are injured at fast food restaurants. That time they do not know what to do exactly after a slip or fall accident. Fast food restaurants have rationalized some public safety policies and maintenance procedures to reduce the risk of injury to their customers. However, numerous customers are injured every year due to the negligence of restaurant staff. In such cases, you can get the best assistance from personal injury lawyer Toronto. A few common reasons of   slip and fall accidents are elaborated further:

  • Tripping on water that spilled from the toilets and sinks in the washrooms
  • Slips on overcrowded quarters indoors
  • Get Burns from spilled hot tea, coffee and other hot liquids
  • Slipping on wrecked or uneven footsteps
  • Slipping on the floor due to the improper cleaning of spilled beverages and foods
  • Freshly washed or wet floors that has lacked caution signs
  • Loss of footing on uneven ground that is ordinary in outside entrance areas

A few steps to follow when you want a personal injury compensation

Fast food chains like Starbucks have business liability insurance and expert attorneys that can easily defend the restaurant’s owners. When you are injured, first of all, write a detailed letter to the chain store and head office which includes:  

  • Your personal Detail including your name, address, date, etc.
  • A declaration of why you need a compensation
  • A detailed depiction of how the slip or fall has occurred and where you got injuries, including moments before, during, and after the accident, beside it why you consider the chain was neglectful
  • A declaration of how much you need compensation that may include medical costs and lost wages
  • Attach photographs as the evidence that you may have clicked at the scene of the accident
  • Statements from eye witness like customers and workers
  • The doctor’s diagnosis and medical bills of hospital that resulting from the injuries
  • Salary Slips and other credentials that can help you display lost wages

The compensation demand letter must be written in the right legal format, if you cannot do this by your own, it is advised to hire a personal injury lawyer in Toronto who has the huge experience in personal injury cases. Only an experienced attorney can guide you the best on the merits of your claim and the proceedings process.

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